New North Annual Reports

Insight Publications of Appleton is New North’s media partner for producing each New North Report to the Community.  Access all their content and most recent magazine publication by visiting Insight Publications.

New North Projects and Regional Collaborations Dashboard

New North offers an updated New North Projects and Regional Collaborations Dashboard within each report.  This dashboard tracks metrics and impact outcomes of New North work programs and regional projects.

New North currently tracks open business development projects and RFI prospects, as well as business climate econometrics in the region. Our focus is to provide updated market research and trends of our regional economy through this dashboard, while focusing on growing these metrics over time.  Metrics tracked include:

  • Total employment in the region;
  • Total open jobs in the region;
  • Unemployment rate of the region;
  • Job growth percentages and trends; and
  • Demographics of region and consumer trends, including employment levels, educational attainment and more.

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