Media Kit and Co-branding

The quickest method of co-branding partnership is through your own website. When displaying the regional logo, or “brandmark,” please follow the following few guidelines in order to maintain a clear, consistent viewpoint of the New North brand.

For more information on brandmark use, such as for printed materials or instructions on use of the tagline “North of What you Expect,” please email Renee Torzala, Vice President, Marketing and Investor Relations ([email protected]) on branding with the New North logo, color schemes, placement definitions, fonts, etc.

The following logos are available to co-branding partners, when used in accordance to the brand standards:

Renee Torzala

Vice President, Marketing and Investor Relations

Phone: (920) 858-7725

Help promote the regional brand of Northeast Wisconsin and contact us to learn how you can cobrand your website with the New North region.

“Our company has been a proud and caring member of the Northeast Wisconsin business community for over 110 years. We love where we live, and we work hard every day to help our economy keep growing and creating great jobs. The New North brings vision to  our individual efforts, amplifying our positive impact through collective action. For example, the New North has brought clear leadership to boost the tech sector here through the NEW Launch Alliance. By bringing local businesses together in this initiative the NEW Launch Alliance will accelerate the pace of innovation in our economy .”
– Sachin Shivaram, CEO, Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry 

Michelle Schuler headshot

“Northeast Wisconsin is a thriving community with innovation and digital transformation happening across all 18 counties. Championing the strengths of each community and weaving them together to paint a complete regional picture is the power of the New North. As jobs change and companies grow, we need collaboration more than ever. The New North is that collaborative partner that helps us all grow in this new digital economy.”
– Michelle Schuler, Manager Microsoft TechSpark Wisc

Special thank you to our top investors. For a full list of New North investors, go to Our Investors