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Business Development Projects in the New North

New North Business Development Video 2019

New North, Inc., in partnership with Stellar Blue Technologies, created a video compilation featuring the amazing 2019 business development projects located within the 18 counties of the New North Region. This video was featured at the 2019 New North Summit and also resides on the New North Summit website:

Examples of Expansion Projects in the New North 2019

New North is very fortunate to have strong industry alliances and dedicated local partners. The following video is a sampling of projects submitted by our local partners, who day-in day-out work hard to grow their respective communities. New North, Inc. is proud of the business development and expansion happening all over the Northeast WI region, with more projects to be rolled out in the months ahead.


New North Business Development Video 2018

New North, Inc. wanted to capture 2018’s most prominent business developments within Northeast Wisconsin. With the help and suggestions of both business and Corporation leaders, we composed a sample of the region’s Top Business Developments. We also included a few statistics on the I-41 and I-43 projects which is has over 200,000 commuters daily.