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In Northeast Wisconsin, we take pride in our highly skilled, educated and productive workforce. Industry trained, work-ready leaders within manufacturing, engineering, STEM, healthcare, construction, technology, insurance and more.

Attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent in Northeast Wisconsin has been a key initiative of New North since its inception. Twenty post-secondary colleges and universities are located within the region, each with resources devoted to training and development for the private sector.  In addition to developing talent, New North works to attract new talent to the region, highlighting the key advantages of living in Northeast Wisconsin.

2023 New North Talent & Education Video

New North’s education system is rated one of the top in the nation, providing diverse programs, career development, STEM and digital skilling thanks to the strong collaborative partnerships between the private and public sectors.

Learn more on available talent, talent alliances, and workforce development efforts in Northeast Wisconsin at the links below.

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