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New North is a leading source of business news for Northeast Wisconsin, with frequent announcements, analyses and commentary on issues facing the local, regional and national economy and affecting the region's landscape.

New North, Inc. has a mission to actively engage and educate businesses and community members from around Northeast Wisconsin. From community updates to business resource connections, New North works to keep you connected to the New North region.

New North News

As the regional economic and marketing organization of the Northeast Wisconsin region, New North promotes the latest business news, business expansion announcements, networking events, trade conferences and more occurring within the region through New North News. New North News is a daily email communication that offers a reader a quick digest of regional news for the day. These daily emails currently reach nearly 7,500 contacts and media leaders in the region and state. 

To stay connected to business news in the New North region, visit our New North News page.

Global New North Update

To better inform all businesses and contacts of information relating to exporting and foreign trade, New North publishes a monthly informational overview email of upcoming events, trainings, recent news and more happening the New North region relating to international business development. 

To learn more on exporting and foreign trade trainings and events, complete the form below and select Global New North Update, or visit our Global New North Update page. 


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