Broadband Access


What is the EDA Broadband Grant?

This EDA investment supports New North, Inc. with conducting a Broadband Access Study and Expansion Plan for 18 counties in the northeast region of Wisconsin.  The study will assist the region with recovery efforts from the COVID-19 pandemic and will consist of regional broadband data analysis, mapping, and cost modelling for each county.  Once completed, the study will develop a process to identify broadband access gaps, which will help the region with attracting and retaining businesses and jobs, spurring private investment, and advancing economic resiliency throughout the region.

Why now?

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for equitable broadband (high-speed Internet access) access by all. Broadband has become a vital need for businesses, health care delivery systems, schools, organizations and municipalities, which increasingly rely on internet infrastructure to perform their daily business along with the critical delivery of medical care and education services. It’s critically important to track data at a sufficiently geographically granular basis to appropriately address the local nature of broadband services. Due to the high degree of geographic disparity in broadband status across the region and highly localized neighborhood and community variability, a full survey model is more appropriate than utilization of random sample methodology.

How is New North procuring consultants?

Overall RFQ Process

  • RFQ distribution/advertised
  • Stakeholder Team review
  • Interview shortlist of Consultants
  • Core Stakeholder Team conducts interviews of Consultants
  • Select Consultant

Tentative Project Timeline

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)  advertised July 7, 2021
Proposals due to New North July 30, 2021, 12:00 p.m. CT
Program initiation September 1, 2021
Project Completion December 31, 2021


Update: New North partners with national leaders for broadband access study 

Top broadband planner Design Nine will oversee the project and will be joined by Midwest-based consulting firms MSA Professional Services and GEO Partners, LLC. The scope of their collaborative work will include asset evaluation, gap analysis and data collection, ownership and governance, business and financial planning, affordable technical designs, and recommendations on next steps. Click HERE to read full release.

If you live or work in one of the 18 counties of the New North, please complete the appropriate survey below by Oct. 29. Thank you!

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Need more information? Have additional questions? Contact Barbara Koldos – [email protected]