Blueprint Accelerator

What is Blueprint?

New North and the Greater Green Bay Chamber partnered to launch The Blueprint Green Bay accelerator program, developed by Y.E.S. – Young Enterprising Society.   This provides entrepreneurs of color, female and veteran-owned businesses and startups in the Greater Green Bay area and the surrounding region with mentorship, technology training and the opportunity to secure seed funding via two 12- week focused cohorts – Idea Validation and Market Validation.  Both sessions end with celebratory Pitch Night presentations.

Idea Validation Companies:

The goal of 4th N Long to raise awareness of this issue and to provide funding for underfunded children through the sale of clothing products. To start, 20% of the proceeds from each product sold will go toward funding children, from elementary to high school, who struggle to pay for sports-related costs.  We will be working with and donating to Every Kid Sports, a non-profit organization that works directly with low income families across America.

Launched in November 2021, Divorcist is the first gift registry for the newly-single. Our mission is to make divorce and separation a dignified stage of life. Our curated collection offers gifts and homewares to brighten someone's darkest day while our cash fund helps friends and family chip in for those notorious divorce expenses. With our tools, a breakup doesn't need to break the bank or your spirits. No matter where you are in your relationship transition, we are here for you.

Kaleb's Comdedy Center is a comedy club local to the Green Bay area. We provide entertainment and relief from a boring Friday night. While we are still in development phase we already have the support of the community.

Intrigured Braiding Academy teaches youth and parents how to care for textured hair. Our course will include parting, braiding and styling techniques. We also intend to educate them on the products that should be using for each individual.

Market Validation Companies:

Fridge Jerky is a woman-owned food production company here to disrupt your perception of jerky. Moist meat is delicious, flavorful, much easier to chew than the cardboard you have been wasting your money on (just to throw away). With a proprietary cooking process and pending trademarks, Fridge Jerky is slated to thrive using a direct to consumer selling structure. This framework will ensure the ease of obtaining a Retail Food License. Learn more at

FAVORYT Brand was founded on a promise to provide men with all natural, premium beard care products. We take pride in formulating our products with only the best ingredients. Our goal is to allow men to feel their best by having a beard that is healthy. Our focus is on using plant based, natural ingredients. Learn more at

Urban Cultural Arts- Art & Event Center connects with the community in different types of artistic ways. We are focusing on youth and elderly with no age restrictions. The benefits that art provides to the mind, body and soul are healing from past and present trauma, and helps with hand & eye coordination for those who are disabled. Learn more at

Here are the companies that went through both Idea and Market Validation:

AppEase automatically transfers medical data between insurance companies and medical facilities for the purpose of underwriting life, disability, and long-term care insurance applications through the use of APIs into electronic medical record systems.  AppEase eliminates the need for archaic faxes, snail mail and copy services and reduces associated expenses and improves attrition rates for insurance companies requesting medical records. Our solution reduces the turnaround time to pull records from an average of 36 days in Wisconsin to a 48-72 hour turnaround time. Learn more at

Unext is a platform whose mission is to decrease the number of unsatisfied workers in America by facilitating the connection process between organization and potential candidates. Unext connects students and employers for more meaningful opportunities, and aims to increase the amount of short-term and long-term connections made by students and businesses to help both parties get a better understanding of each other. We allow for more customizable opportunities that student may not have the chance to find and pursue, and make it a lot easier to find companies & candidates and save time in the application & acceptance process. Unext is the only platform that offers shadowing opportunities to college students that matches both students and employers based on their preferences to facilitate the connection process. Students can also find internships, jobs, co-ops, and more! Learn more at



“Blueprint is an excellent example of how we work with our regional and local partners to ensure economic well-being for all Wisconsinites.” — Sam Rikkers, WEDC deputy secretary and chief operating officer

“The Blueprint curriculum and accelerator, created by Khalif El-Amin and Que El-Amin, are already in place in the Milwaukee market and have had solid success in meeting the needs of key pockets of the entrepreneurial community,”Laurie Radke, president and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Chamber.

“We are proud to bring this program to our region in partnership with the Greater Green Bay Chamber, providing additional opportunities that combine training, mentors, and capital to minority-, women-, and veteran-owned startups.  We also thank the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) for its support of New North, Inc., to provide seed capital to the founders upon successful completion of the program.” -- Barb LaMue, president & CEO of New North, Inc.


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Khalif and Que El-Amin of Y.E.S.
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