Educational Partners

our partners in talent development

Workforce Development in Wisconsin is a key initiative of New North in order to ensure a ready and able workforce for the future in Northeast Wisconsin.

New North engages other regional corporations in Northeast Wisconsin and state resources to engage job centers, Wisconsin technical colleges, Northeast Wisconsin colleges and universities, and existing training programs. Our work is focused on meeting the labor market demands for Wisconsin businesses within the New North region.

  • Northeast Wisconsin Educational Resource Alliance (NEW ERA)
    NEW ERA is a consortium all thirteen public post-secondary institutions in Northeast Wisconsin that fosters regional partnerships among the public colleges and universities in the New North to better serve the educational needs of the 1.2 million people in Northeast Wisconsin.
  • Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs)
    CESAs are regional venues for schools and other agencies that serve students. The statewide network connects the 12 CESAs and helps deliver services for students and schools throughout Wisconsin.

New North hosts over 20 Post-Secondary Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities train and educate over 200,000 workers annually.  94.6% of New North college graduates remain in Wisconsin after graduation.

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