Community Workstream

Community Workstream

Sharon Bowen – Volunteer, Celebrate Diversity Fox Cities
Angie Lee – Rawhide Youth Services


  1. Identify existing resources that provide (a) EDI education and training and (b) support for marginalized communities
  2. Develop an easily accessible mechanism to disseminate info about community based EDI resources in region
  3. Coordinate development of a system for welcoming newcomers to the region for use by businesses, neighborhood associations, municipalities
  4. Incentivize participation in community-based EDI programs and activities
  5. Develop framework for creating or effectively engaging with programs to promote more welcoming and inclusive communities



The My Community Explorer Tool aims to provide transparency on racial and income data across the country

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging organizations in the New North 

Best Practices for welcoming

Welcoming Presentation

Fox Valley – Reconnecting with Roots


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