New North Recruitment Tools

New North is 'North of What you Expect'

Whether it is a career opportunity, education, healthcare, recreation or something more, our region offers something for everyone.

The New North offers many reasons for your future talent to relocate to the region. Together with your current talent pipeline, the following well-developed recruitment materials will accelerate the excitement surrounding the region for potential candidates and drive talent to your doorstep. Check out these adaptable tools below:

Utilize our “North of What You Expect” Recruitment Video to Attract New Talent

Showcased in this captivating video are many aspects of the community that make the New North a place for workers to thrive. Whether your future employees enjoy being outdoors or indoors, downtown or rural, in nature or programming computers, or maybe all of these things – Northeast Wisconsin provides. Leverage our recruitment video by linking to it on your Human Resources webpage and distributing within your talent pipeline:

To embed the video in your HR page, copy and paste the following: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

'In the New North' Video Series

The new, one-minute videos are intended to be shared on social-media channels.

  Live Video    1. Live in the New North

  Screen Shot 2017 09 12 At 111842 AM    2. Achieve in the New North 

  Screen Shot 2017 10 30 At 43129 PM   3. Play in the New North

Prosper in the New North   4. Prosper in the New North 

Belong  5. Belong in the New North 

Image 001 (3) 6. Impact in the New North

Capture Talented Recruits with our “Life in the New North” Interface

If your organization is recruiting from outside the New North – shine some light on the region by implementing our “Life in the New North” tool. This interface was designed by and for Human Resource professionals in Northeast Wisconsin to entice potential new candidates with the region’s offerings. Encourage your incoming talent to explore the region with this tool by reading testimonials and perusing statistics. “Life in the New North” will spark excitement in those considering the region - exposing the professional and recreational offerings, as well as boasting our low cost of living.

Employ this tool in your search for talent by linking it on your Human Resources webpage:
Co-Brand with New North and Leverage our Resources

The Life in the New North Information Sheet (click on photo below to download) is a Microsoft Word document available for companies to use as a marketing tool with existing recruitment efforts. Companies and organizations can easily drop in their logo and start recruiting talent. The information sheet directs candidates to the “Life in the New North” section of the New North website.


Give Your Talent a Quick Look at What New North Has to Offer

If you need a quick and easy way to give your incoming talent an effective snapshot of the region, you have found what you’re looking for. The New North Recruitment Brochure: Living in the New North will give potential recruits enough reason to delve deeper into Northeast Wisconsin, providing them with the big picture on all the staples of an impressive community.

Small Business’ Guide to Talent Attraction and the Bay Area Workforce Solutions for Business

The Small Business’ Guide to Talent Attraction is a document that gives recommendations, tips, ideas, and considerations for small businesses to attract talent. The content of this piece has been created by some of the region’s top employers, meaning it contains legitimate and tested tips for small businesses. Additionally, the Bay Area Workforce Solutions for Business includes a range of products and services provided by a variety of workforce partner agencies. Included are solutions in recruitment, training, industry partnerships, and labor market information.



Order the ‘Living in the New North’ Brochure

To order copies of the Northeast Wisconsin ‘Living in the New North’ Recruitment Brochure, click here.

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