Mission, Vision, Values

New North maintains an active Diversity Committee. With the goal of promoting, encouraging, offering and supporting diversity resources in the region, the New North Diversity Committee is a top resource for talent development in Northeast Wisconsin.


The New North recognizes that diversity is crucial to its economic development.  It is the right thing to do – for the health and future of our businesses and communities.  We will promote strategies that leverage every person’s assets and foster an environment where everyone achieves his or her full potential.


The New North strives to be a welcoming community where everyone can live, learn, work, play, raise a family, and engage in business regardless of their race/ethnicity, gender, religious/political beliefs, caring responsibilities, generations/age, health/disabilities, sexual orientation, marital status, language, work-life balance values, or socio-economic status.


The New North believes in…

  • open communication
  • respect for all people
  • human dignity
  • inclusivity
  • enjoyment of cultural and natural resources
  • curiosity
  • fairness
  • exploration of ideas
  • enlightenment
  • growth & development
  • learning
  • change
  • comfort with ambiguity
  • flexibility & agility
  • interdependence
  • access & non-discrimination
  • inspiration
  • motivation
  • encouragement

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