Entrepreneurial Resources

creating a more connected and resourceful entrepreneurial ecosystem

The New North region has a number of excellent organizations, programs, coworking spaces and resources focused on supporting entrepreneurs. New North works to create a more connected and resourceful entrepreneurial ecosystem. Among these goals, New North formed the NEW Launch Alliance. The NEW Launch Alliance will grow entrepreneurial density; identify and secure capital and other resources; highlight innovative practices within existing companies; and to lead the implementation of a webbased platform called ‘Start in Wisconsin.’
For interactive maps of places for entrepreneaurs to learn, work, create and hang in all 18 counties of the region, please take a look the entrepreneaurial resources below.

Entrepreneurial Resources



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The NEW Launch Alliance Intelligence Newsletter, created every Wednesday, to bring you the latest news centered around the New North region’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. A newsletter that focuses on the very cool, new and innovative advancements that entrepreneurs, small businesses, startup accelerators and key stakeholders are doing within the region.
Do you have something that you think should be included within the "NEW Launch Alliance Intelligence Newsletter" or know an entrepreneur whom we could feature? E-mail Us!

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