Network Health

Posted October 14, 2020
  • Offered two months of partial premium rebates to both small and large employer customers
  • Provided more than 150,000 masks to our members and prospective customers
  • Volunteered over 500 hours
  • Donated more than $75,000 to area nonprofits
  • Hosted more than 7,000 Medicare beneficiaries at outdoor flu clinics in partnership with Walgreens and Walmart
  • Shared best practices with area employers for both remote work and return to office
  • Provided over 60,000 Medicare beneficiaries with $200 benefit cards that were used for health care services, dental care and over the counter medication
  • Waived cost sharing for telehealth services to ensure our members receive the care they need, when they need it
  • Purchased more than $3 million in PPE kits for area Medicare beneficiaries from a LOCAL company

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