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The New North region boasts a strong and impressive array of educational partners beginning with pre-school, extending to postgraduate studies.  From the first-rate K-12 schools – encompassing
traditional and charter schools, extra-curriculars, open enrollment, all-day kindergarten, special needs, advanced placement programs and more – to outstanding public and private universities and colleges and nationally-regarded technical colleges, the New North is home to leading educational institutions and students enriched by diverse experiences and curricula to help prepare for success in a global economy.

Whether relocating a business or choosing an ideal community to raise a family, the New North is a destination of choice for individuals placing high priority on access to challenging and exceptional educational opportunities.  Families with young children, traditional college students, busy professionals and career-changing adults will all find the variety and flexibility they seek for their education plans.

Pre-K to 12 Education in Northeast Wisconsin

Northeast Wisconsin offers safe, highly ranked centers of excellence working to prepare and train younger generations for their futures.  Pre-K options are abundant, including specialty education offerings ranging from outdoor training programs immersing students in nature to advanced placement educational academies for bright, young students.  Elementary, Middle and High schools in Northeast Wisconsin are community-based and safe facilities.  Graduation rates of High School seniors are top in the country, with the State of Wisconsin being named #1 in high school graduation rates in years past.  Even more, students from Northeast Wisconsin and Wisconsin consistently score higher on test scores than other states in the nation.

If you are looking for a quality, safe education for your young students, Northeast Wisconsin is the best location.

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Did you know?

  • Colleges and Universities train and educate over 200,000 workers annually.  94.6% of New North college graduates remain in Wisconsin after graduation.
  • New North hosts over 20 Post-Secondary Colleges and Universities.  
  • High School Graduation rates in Wisconsin are Second in the Nation at 88%, with first place ranking at 89%.


Over 20 Post-Secondary Colleges and Universities

Click here to learn more on the over 20 Post-Secondary Educational Institutions in Northeast Wisconsin.

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