Housing in Northeast Wisconsin

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In Northeast Wisconsin, your money goes further when it comes to housing.

In Northeast Wisconsin, your money goes further when it comes to housing.  Everyone needs a place to call home, but in Northeast Wisconsin, you can get more home for your dollar.  A person would pay 43% more to live in Minneapolis than in Green Bay, WI, the leading city in Northeast Wisconsin, with high likelihood of less square footage.  When compared to Chicago, it is 69% cheaper to rent or own in Green Bay and other communities in Northeast Wisconsin than anywhere in Chicago.  

Workers in New North earn an average yearly income of $50,898, with 44.38% of the population earning more than the national average each year.  With affordable home prices and lower cost of living the New North region, there are 44% more people who own their own homes in the region than there are renters.

Whether home ownership is your goal or renting in a downtown setting is more your style, New North offers competitively priced, ample options for your consideration.

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Did you know?

National rankings and home sales records prove the quality of housing in addition to its affordability:

  • Existing home sales in Northeastern Wisconsin increased 13.6 percent in September 2015, with more than a quarter of the increase coming from Brown County, according to the Wisconsin Realtors Association.
  • Fond du Lac, WI was named one of the nation’s “Top Waterfront Towns” by National Geographic Adventure, part of the magazine’s list of the “50 Best Places to Live and Play” in 
the country. 
  • Appleton, WI was named “#6 Best Places to raise your Kids”


Home Prices

Average home sales in top rated cities in Northeast Wisconsin range from:

  • Appleton, WI: $127,900.00
  • Green Bay, WI: $151,900.00
  • Oshkosh, WI: $108,300.000
The median home price for homes in Northeast Wisconsin in Fall 2015 is $134,950, according to the Wisconsin Realtors Association, 2015.

Renting in Northeast Wisconsin

In Northeast Wisconsin’s largest city, Green Bay, WI, people on average spend only 16.56% of their income on housing, versus in many cities around the nation people pay on average 20%-30% of their income on housing costs.

Average Rental Rates of All Renters across Communities
  • Green Bay, WI                  $728
  • Appleton, WI                     $742
  • Sheboygan, WI                $615
  • Milwaukee, WI                  $834
  • Chicago, IL                        $1,017
  • Minneapolis, MN               $964
  • Denver, CO                         $1,059
  • Washington, D.C.              $1,396
  • Nation                                  $962

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