New Computer Science Licensure Cohort Group Announced

Posted September 29, 2021

New Computer Science Licensure Cohort Group Announced

Program will help address computer science class capacity throughout Wisconsin

NEW NORTH, September 29, 2021 – The NEW Digital Alliance, in collaboration with CESA 7’s Computer Science Talent Ecosystem for Youth (CSTEY) program, has launched a Computer Science Licensure Cohort group, Kim Iversen, Director of the NEW Digital Alliance, recently announced. This first-of-its-kind program will provide structure and support for middle and high school computer science teachers in Wisconsin working on their Computer Science 405/1405 certification.

The group, with the support of TEALs/Microsoft, is designed to increase the number of teachers licensed to teach computer science. It will also create a support system for computer science teachers, allow teachers to develop industry contacts, help teachers better understand what’s being taught in colleges and what their programs are, and how computer science is used in real life. Teachers will also learn from teachers who are certified as they share how to prepare for the exam.

“We’re excited to start this program as it will help address the loss of computer science class capacity in the region and eventually grow it,” Iversen said. “With less than 50 percent of school districts in Wisconsin offering computer science classes and less than 50 percent of computer science teachers having a computer science license, the Licensure Cohort group is needed to help bridge gaps within the state.”

The Licensure Cohort group is a six-month program and includes self-study learning, group collaboration, monthly munch and learns with guest speakers, a field trip to a college campus with hands-on training and attendance in computer science-related classes, and visits to local IT departments to learn how IT is the same, and how it is different, across different industry sectors.

“Programs like the Licensure Cohort group will help Wisconsin’s teachers keep students interested in computer science and IT concepts,” said Amy Bires, CSTEY coordinator.


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