Us2 Behavioral Health Care

Posted October 14, 2020
  • Provided virtual mental health services to underserved and vulnerable populations in Northeast Wisconsin and across the State
  • Accelerated a program to provide complementary services to anyone in our community suffering from stress, anxiety and depression due to COVID-19
  • Increased resources to absorb 75 critical-need clients from other local clinics and human services agencies who unfortunately ceased services to their patients.
  • Assisted community leaders & organizations navigate the interconnected complexities of the COVID-BLM social movement by providing training, consulting and advocacy in the areas of EDI (equity, diversity & inclusion), social justice and mental health
  • Partnered with a Fox Valley agency to address systemic problems related to multi-generational cycles of poverty by supporting an evidence-based “strengthening families first” model so that everyone has a fair chance to be successful

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