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New North initiatives evolve with trends, however the mission remains consistent toward it’s goal of regional prosperity. Through collaboration, inclusion and shared values, New North accomplishes economic growth & stability.

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Our Organization

New North, Inc. is Northeast Wisconsin’s regional economic development powerhouse, established  in 2005 to create and steer collaborative strategies that demonstrate the power that comes from working together to build a strong regional community.  Key strategic initiatives are focused on talent development, business development, marketing & branding and business intelligence.  All are supported by an appreciation for our cumulative history, but more importantly, these efforts are reinforced by a constant orientation to the future, to opportunities shaping on the horizon.

  • New North, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, regional marketing and economic development organization with 100’s of Volunteers and Partners
  • Create and steer Collaborative Strategies that build a stronger regional community
  • Leverage built out infrastructure – Partnerships with mutual benefit
  • Not affiliated with any one municipality and yet, connected to all of them
  • Maintains a strong relationship with Wisconsin's 8 other Regional organizations and State Agencies, particularly the WEDC, DWD, and DPI and with local academic, economic development, and Chambers of Commerce

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New North, Inc. is proud of the companies we keep. We work hard to connect investments to companies who invest in the New North. Take a look at New North's Talent Location Advantage and a full list of New North's Investors HERE!

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Investing In Collaboration 

New North is the one common voice for Northeast, WI. We can assure our value is communicated to companies looking to invest and individuals looking to make a home, attracting more jobs and more talent to the entire region.

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For more information about becoming a New North Investor, please call Lorissa Bañuelos, Director of Marketing & Investor Relations at 920.336.3860 or email at

Why you should want to be a part of New North!

The future is bright – New initiatives
  • New North has over a dozen of active committees that meet monthly, and sub-group committees that can meet as much as weekly.
  • Over 110 investors, there is no shortage of volunteers and business representatives offering their expertise and time to turn ideas into action!
  • Committee work plans are updated annually to keep up with trends and demographics.
  • All initiatives are based off of New North’s Impact Strategies and these strategies drive all New North strategic and tactical work, enabled by collaboration and volunteer support.

Activity includes:

  • Face to face meetings with national site selectors and asset managers
  • Exhibiting/attending market industry trade shows nationally and internationally
  • Advertising sites and market opportunities in national trade publications
  • Partnership with WEDC in external marketing
  • Forging innovative partnership with other regional entities to share best practices and marketing opportunities.

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Impact Strategies

The Impact strategies strive to move the regional economy past challenges and toward greater economic opportunities.

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"When New North was created nearly 15 years ago, I knew it was an organization with an innovative vision that I needed to support.  Key business leaders had recognized that economies had become much larger than just the local footprint around a municipality. Because of their foresight, New North became the first regional economic development organization founded in the State of Wisconsin. Since then they have established a very strong and recognizable brand for the region, and I believe this branding was the first step in New North’s journey.  Collaboration is another key attribute of the organization and contributor to its success.  Without true collaboration by all parties in the region, we realized that New North would not grow and thrive. From inception to today, New North has and will continue to be responsive to the needs of the businesses in the region, whether it be championing regional economic growth, supporting vital talent initiatives such as the IT Alliance, or launching key committees such as the relatively new Business Intelligence committee creation.  If you succeed, New North succeeds." 
- Tim Schneider, CEO and Co-Founder, Investors Community Bank


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“Northeast Wisconsin is a thriving community with innovation and digital transformation happening across all 18 counties. Championing the strengths of each community and weaving them together to paint a complete regional picture is the power of the New North. As jobs change and companies grow, we need collaboration more than ever. The New North is that collaborative partner that helps us all grow in this new digital economy.”

- Michelle Schuler, Manager Microsoft TechSpark Wisconsin, Microsoft & Founder WIT Wisconsin



New North Services Overview


New North Supports Local Partners – A directory of economicdevelopment, Chamber, municipal, and academic resources/organizational capacities to support business development, particularly for small business enterprise.

  • NEWERA (Northeast Wisconsin Educational Resource Alliance) 
  • NEWREP (Northeast Wisconsin Regional Economic Partnership) 
  • Northeast WI Chamber Coalition 
  • NEW Manufacturing Alliance
  • Industry Consortia
  • I41 Corridor
Talent Development Strategy
  • IT Alliance 
  • Inspire Platform 
  • Regional Talent Recruitment Videos
  • Workplace Excellence Awards
  • Veteran’s Outreach Campaign
  • Diversity & Inclusion
Business Development   
  • Certified Sites & Gold Shovel Certification 
  • Development of Supply Chain Markets 
  • Entrepreneurial & Innovation Ecosystem 
  • Prospect Protocol 
  • Global New North
Branding & Marketing Strategy
  • Provides creative/design support to our partners by developing branded communication tools, collateral materials, and event and promotional materials that advance the brand values and overall awareness of the New North Region.
  • Implement ongoing local and external earned media strategy
  • Prepare customized research requests
  • Maintain high standards and performance outcomes for New North partner events
Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Informs the regional community and the committees working to advance business and talent development in northeast Wisconsin.
  • The information and data collection strives to provide insight into performance (metrics), regional economic health (data), and trend line information/data that shapes strategy or anticipates impactful change to the regional community/economy through disruptive technologies.

Location of New North & the People we Serve 

The New North brand unites the region around talent development, regional brand development, and business development, signifying the collective economic power behind the 18 counties of Northeast Wisconsin: Outagamie, Winnebago, Calumet, Waupaca, Brown, Shawano, Oconto, Marinette, Door, Kewaunee, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Marquette, Florence, Menominee and Waushara.

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If you have further questions, please call Lorissa Bañuelos, Director of Marketing & Investor Relations at 920.336.3860 or email at

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