Global Networking Groups

Within the New North region, technical colleges have aligned to offer unique training and networking opportunities to better connect companies and entrepreneurs to the world of exporting. WEDC and its partners also offer expert guidance in navigating the complexities of exporting.  See below for contact information and links to upcoming events:

Wisconsin Global Navigation Network

Made up of government and economic development organizations, private industries and academic partners, the Wisconsin Global Navigation Network (WGNN) provides the resources you need, regardless of where you are in the exporting process.

Technical College Global Trade Business Networking Groups and Workshops

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College: Northeast Wisconsin International Business Network (NEWIBN)

The Northeast Wisconsin International Business Network (NEWIBN),sponsored by Fox Valley Technical College and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, is an association of local

companies to access current information on issues, practices and trends that influence all aspects of international trade. These meetings feature a speaker series; discussions on current and emerging issues in global trade, dialogue on global markets and business operations, and networking. There is no cost to join the NETWORK; however, there is a cost for meetings ranging from $35-50.00 per person.


Frank Stainton
Corporate Training and Economic Development
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Phone: 920-498-6301
Email: [email protected]

Fox Valley Technical College: Northeast Wisconsin International Business Network (NEWIBN)

Fox Valley Technical College offers training in export/import compliance, incoterms, logistics, letters of credit, finance, managing across cultures, and world language training in 12 major foreign languages. The Global Business Professional series, an online training program for professionals helps participants develop international business skills and prepare for national exam.


Aaron M. Gorenc
Director, Global Education and Services
Fox Valley Technical College
Phone: 920-735-4728
Email: [email protected] 

Lakeshore Technical College, Lakeshore International Networking and Knowledge exchange (LINKe)

LINKe – the Lakeshore International Networking and Knowledge exchange is a global business association on the east side of Wisconsin. LINKe is a group of professionals who assist in the promotion and education of global business activities. They strive to provide networking opportunities as well as information which is relevant and timely to businesses involved with importing and exporting. The two hour seminars are open to any interested persons at a cost of $25/person. They also offer an annual corporate membership for $75/person, which allows individuals to attend all seminars and networking events during the fiscal year (July-June), plus discounts on additional workshops and conferences.

LTC Logo

Ruth Semph
Global Education Coordinator
Lakeshore Technical College
Phone: 920.693.1167
Email: [email protected]

In addition to the association meetings, all three technical colleges offer training in export/import topics. Visit the New North Regional Calendar of Events for upcoming global related events and trainings.

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