Media Kit and Co-Branding

Co-Brand with the region

Co-branding is a simple and easy way of showing your support for New North, Inc. while helping to spread the word about the regional economic development in Northeast Wisconsin.

The quickest method of co-branding partnership is through your own website.  When displaying the regional logo, or "brandmark," please follow the following few guidelines in order to maintain a clear, consistent viewpoint of the New North brand.

For more information on brandmark use, such as for printed materials or instructions on use of the tagline "North of What you Expect," please email Lorissa Bañuelos, Director of Marketing and Investor Relations (,) on branding with the New North logo, color schemes, placement definitions, fonts, etc.

The following logos are available to co-branding partners, when used in accordance to the brand standards: 

Logo Sizes 


Help promote the regional brand of Northeast Wisconsin and contact us to learn how you can cobrand your website with the New North region.  

Biographies of New North Co-Chairs:

Updated Biographies of current leaders of New North are available via media contact request at

Media Contact:

Lorissa Bañuelos, Director of Marketing & Investor Relations, New North, Inc.: and 920.336.3860 (office).

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