COVID-19 Updates

The priority for all right now is the health and safety of others. We ask you to also think about creative ways you can still support our local companies throughout this containment period. We thank you for your understanding and hope that this virus can be contained in the near future.
As the COVID-19 begins to have an increased impact on our businesses and communities, we thank our local media for keeping us informed. Resources can be found at the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) - website dedicated to COVID-19, along with additional resources to help your organizations:


The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is working with all state agencies to protect the health of our citizens and provide business sustainability resources aimed at maintaining the vitality of the companies upon which our economy depends.

The WEDC created the below guide, 'Rising to Challenges: Navigating Through COVID-19 In Wisconsin'. This guide is designed to serve as a repository of ideas, tips and best practices compiled from local, state and national resources to allow these communities to survive and thrive in light of current and rapidly changing circumstances.

COVID-19 Supply Chain News & Needs Updates:

For the latest news on supply chain needs, how you can help, and inspiring response stories from our region, check out these resources.

Health Care Immediate Supply Chain Needs: How can you help?

-       Donate or sell needed supplies

-       Manufacturers interested in retooling their operations to offer support

New North Supplier Network

-       Need to locate a supplier

-       Register as a Wisconsin supplier

New North Region Stepping Up to the Challenge

-      Inspiring stories on how our region is responding and helping to save lives

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