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You are never far from the top quality medical services you deserve when you are in Northeast Wisconsin.   With over 25 hospitals and countless medical clinics close to home, regional health care organizations, doctors and staff are dedicated to significantly improving the health and quality of life for the people in Northeast Wisconsin.

From pediatrics to senior care, residents of the New North are comforted knowing that any type of health care they or their family may require is close at hand, with top practice specialists readily accessible. And convenient, quality care is never an issue — walk-in clinics, emergency after hours, class-one trauma centers, out- and in-patient surgery centers are all options — with doctors and surgeons practicing the latest in medical technology, including robotic surgery, biotechnology, new/innovative heart scans and more.

What’s more, healthcare in Northeast Wisconsin is the best value for your money.  Hospitals and clinics in Northeast Wisconsin are ranked among the best in the nation and State of Wisconsin, year over year, yet also reported as lower cost and more affordable than many other regions.

Looking for a career as a medical professional? The New North boasts rigorous schooling programs, including a multitude of two and four year nursing degrees, medical technicians, dental assistants, physical therapists and more.  In fact, the Medical College of Wisconsin established in 2014 a Green Bay location in partnership with St. Norbert College, meaning Northeast Wisconsin now has a full time, nationally-ranked education facility training local talent to become top leading regional doctors.

No matter your healthcare needs, Northeast Wisconsin can provide a quality, affordable answer to you and your family.

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Inside the Northeast Wisconsin Business Locator: “An Internationally-Renowned Doctor’s Experience”

“Over 700 CEOs, senior executives and physician leaders from the U.S. as well as China, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden and Scotland will visit medical facilities in Northeast Wisconsin this year. They all come for one reason – to witness spectacular health care delivery in action. For the patients in our communities, this means less waiting time for appointments, fewer errors and better results. With health care now the biggest single cost to employers, our region has become very attractive.”

-John Toussaint, M.D., CEO Emeritus, ThedaCare


Did you know?

  • Wisconsin hospitals employ more than 100,000 people and generate nearly $30 billion in economic activity.
  • Wisconsin has 150 hospitals. Three (3) are nationally ranked and 10 others that meet national high performing standards.  All top ranked hospitals are within a 2 hour drive from Northeast Wisconsin, with two top Hospitals are located within the New North region.
  • 3 hospitals in the New North region are ranked “Best Hospitals in the Nation” by U.S. News & World Report and are featured for several areas of High-Performing Specialties.

Lean Process Pioneers

The New North region demonstrates its leadership in health care value by being one of the first in the nation to implement lean thinking into health care processes.

Cost Transparency

Health care systems in the region voluntarily provide true cost comparison data among peer providers to patients and employees to ensure the greatest value and a competitive marketplace for health care in Northeast Wisconsin.

Quality & Value

In the New North, direct-to-patient surveys and interviews are being used by health care systems to deliver the greatest patient experience.

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