COVID-19 Supply Chain Connections

COVID-19 Supply Chain News & Needs Updates

For the latest news on supply chain needs, how you can help, and inspiring response stories from our region, check out these resources.

Health Care Immediate Supply Chain Needs: How can you help?

–       Donate or sell needed supplies – We are looking for companies, educational facilities and other organizations that may have personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies and other needed resources that could be used in the state’s response to the COVID-19 emergency.

–       Manufacturers interested in retooling their operations to offer support – We are helping the State of Wisconsin create and organize an effective supply chain to meet their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs – both short and longer term. If your company can currently, or anticipates being able to, produce any of these items, please complete the form at this LINK.

New North Supplier Network

–       Need to locate a supplier – Use the New North Supplier Network site to locate a supplier in the Nrw North or in the state of Wisconsin.

–       Register as a Wisconsin supplier – Register as a Wisconsin supplier, so buyers can locate you easily.

Special thank you to our top investors. For a full list of New North investors, go to Our Investors