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Secure, reliable and affordable, the 10 prequalified sites available in the region have advantages like no other region in the country for data center operations.

The New North region of Northeast Wisconsin offers the best overall value for your Data Center site. The eighteen counties in Northeast Wisconsin are working together to provide the best services to Data Center businesses, ensuring the Northeast Wisconsin is the best location for Data Center real estate development.  

All 10 Pre-Qualified Data Center Sites in the Northeast Wisconsin offer:

  • Greenfield Site Location 
  • Site for Sale 
  • At least 10 acres with ability to expand 
  • Access to multiple telecommunication providers 
  • Access to reliable electricity providers 
  • Access to fiber-optic infrastructure 
  • Not near a heavy manufacturing facility 
  • Not near a nuclear facility 
  • Not in a commercial airport flight path 
  • Not located in flood plain (100 year) 
  • Not near a railroad

Overview of the Target Industry Initiative

  • New North, Inc. worked with industry experts from utility, information technology, construction and telecommunication leaders to quantify the resources and advantages of the New North region of Northeast Wisconsin to support data center operations. 
  • We Energies, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, BURR Computer Environments and Wisconsin Public Service partnered to prove the region has superior advantages that strategically position it above competing locations for data center operations.

For more information on data center site advantages in Northeast Wisconsin, contact Jerry Murphy at New North, Inc. at or 920.336.3860.

Data Center Value Proposition

Data Center Sheet

Click here to see the full value proposition for Data Center sites in Northeast Wisconsin.

"As we evaluated the global locations of our second corporate Tier 3 Data Center, Northeastern Wisconsin provided the most value for Kimberly-Clark Corporation. The climate advantage may be one of the most overlooked advantages. With our new corporate data center, half of all the operating hours in any given year provide "free cooling."
-David L. Richter, Ph.D. 
Vice President, Global ITS Infrastructure & Operations 
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

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